“Solo Beach Walk”

It is the rocky foundation of the north shore that brings me delight today. 

As I walk over each unique stone, 

I find myself in awe over the quietude of this place. 

I am at peace whilst watching the gentle wave,

Come up to kiss the shoreline.

Sharing the view with the surrounding birds, 

Together we appreciate the ambiance of nature.

Along my walk I ponder all-encompassing life questions. 

Mostly now I query the value of a another. 

But then I spot a piece of seaglass and smile with the sun.

Knowing in time, there will be the one.

I take home with me the small treasures of the day.

Along with an aura of tranquility.

With a humbled perspective,

I feel grateful for the time spent on the beach,

In the solitude of my own company.